Seven Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Futon Covers

Seven Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Futon Covers

The futon cover has become quite the phenomenon in many areas of the world particularly Japan where it first started being used. It is something that is found in most home worldwide. It is popular because of the benefits of protection as well as its cheap price and the variety that it comes with. More and more people buy them to cover their duvets and mattresses but there are more uses for futon covers Canada than just that. Here are 7 ingenious ways in which you can use a futon cover.

1. The couch

Traditionally, the futon cover was meant to protect your mattress and duvet but you can use it to cover the cushions on your couch. This will be especially convenient for you if you have kids who can be quite a menace when it comes to cleanliness. Food particles or stains and crayon marks can be avoided by using the futon cover on the cushions and washing it later on.

2. Sofa

It would be impossible to use a mattress for a sofa if the futon cover did not exist. The good news however is that once you cover your mattress up with the futon cover, you can switch its position so that it is used as a sofa instead.

3. Slip covers for chairs

Depending on the size, color, fabric and general appearance, a futon cover can be used as a really nice slip cover for chairs. This alternative use is particularly helpful to those who love to redecorate their homes. Be adventurous and try this. You will certainly not regret the outcome.

4. Bed sheets

If you ever have visitors and you ran out of bed sheets, do not panic. Well, panic if you do not have a futon cover otherwise keep calm because you can always use it as a bed sheet. It is even better if you are sure that you do not want to use it as a futon cover again because you can have a tailor work on the edges to make it a really good sheet.

5. Table covers

It might be in the best of your interests to use a clean futon cover as a cover for the dining table if you do have kids. You do not always have to have it there but you can have it laid out during meals.

6. Click clack cover

It is very rare to find a click clack cover that actually fits onto your chair properly. You can always use a futon cover for this purpose. Either fold it well to fit the chair or have a tailor work on it so it fits perfectly.

7. Curtains

There will be moments when you will have done your laundry and cleaned your curtains too. While they dry, you could use futon covers to prevent people from having a glimpse of your humble abode.



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