Why Construction Workers Choose Dewalt

The old saying goes that a man is only as good as the tools he has to work with. Well, today’s construction workforce needs an update for that old saying to include women too. Canada has about three percent of the construction industry occupied with women. Inspection and surveying jobs have more, with almost 13 and 16 percent respectively. Construction trades require reliable power tools that workers can rely on, and one brand stands above the rest.

Power Tool Leader

DeWalt tools is the industry leader for power tools. It is easy to spot construction workers sporting the classic yellow tools on construction sites all over Canada. The company was established by the Black and Decker tool company when it wanted to branch out from residential power tool products to sell a line of tools made for the commercial construction trades in 1992. They owned the DeWalt brand since 1960.

What Makes DeWalt Better?

The brand traces a history back to 1924. They are made exclusively for daily commercial work where some other brands are designed for occasional home use. The company also rigorously tests the tools to survive the tough use and environments that can be found at the dirtiest constructions sites. The company is proud to say that they “abuse” their tools by exposing them to extreme conditions that could be found on construction sites around the world. Plus, the tools are made in the United States instead of being outsourced to a manufacturer halfway around the globe.

Bluetooth Batteries

DeWalt tools was thinking about construction workers when it made its new line of Bluetooth technology-enabled batteries. Workers on the job often lend out a charged battery to other workers who need some power to keep working the job. However, it is easy for a coworker to forget to bring a battery back, because most workers have more than one battery pack. The technology in the DeWalt batteries works with a cell phone app to disable the battery after a set period of time. A geofence (GPS tracked perimeter) can also be set up to disable the battery if it leaves the construction site. The app also can flash a light on a battery for ownership identification and more.

Dewalt tools continues to bring technological innovation that is useful on the job from its battery app to durable brushless motors. They even make GPS-enabled anti-theft devices to protect tools from walking off the job. Tools do make the worker, and great power tools let construction workers get the job done better and faster. For additional insights, please visit Mississauga Hardware.

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